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שעון לאישה דגם Aphrodite - כסוף

790 ₪
מבצע: 550 ₪
 בלאק פריידי  530 ₪ 
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מותג: STORM London
חומרים: Stainless Steel
צבע: כסוף
משקל: 180 גרם
מידות: 4.1X4.75 ס"מ
תכולה: -
מק"ט: 5033597136604
For anyone looking to make a striking fashion statement, a STORM watch is the perfect choice. The British designer creates watches that are more than simply modern - they look truly futuristic. A mixture of digital, analogue and chronograph are available for men and women, in a vast variety of colours and materials. The more subtle pieces feature slim, bangle-inspired straps holding minimalist timepieces encrusted with Swarovski crystals to catch the light. Lovers of colour will adore the pieces with vivid blue, purple or green faces, coupled with bright silver straps to create a striking look. Some of the designs are so contemporary, there's no one word to describe them; the pieces experiment with the very act of timekeeping itself, incorporating lights to indicate the time instead of digits.
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